AXM-WEB2 WIFI Ethernet Communication Module

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Acuvim II - WiFi + Ethernet Module
Acuvim II - WiFi + Ethernet Module
Acuvim II - WiFi + Ethernet Module
Acuvim II - WiFi + Ethernet Module
Made in CanadacUL US CE certified5 year warrantyWiFi

Acuvim II Meter
WiFi + Ethernet Module

AXM-WEB2 Communication Module

AXM-WEB2 provides fast and reliable dual Ethernet ports and WiFi communication channels for Acuvim II Series power meters. Supports a wide range of communication protocols such as Modbus-TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPs Post, FTP, sFTP, BACnet-IP, DNP3 V2, SNMP V3, IEC61850 2nd edition, SMTP and NTP time synchronization.
  • New FeatureNative support of Ethernet/IP protocol, seamless integration with Allen Bradley and Rockwell Systems
  • New FeatureIEC 61850 protocol 2nd Edition
  • New FeatureIPV6 and IPV4 dual IP network support allows for more connected devices
  • New FeatureCustom Modbus register list to group key parameters continously
  • New FeatureMaintain high availability by RSTP protocol with two ports connect to same subnet
  • New FeatureLog Max, Min and Average on all parameters at all logging intervals
  • New FeatureFirmware OTA update
  • RJ45 Daisy-chain Ethernet ports (RSTP Protocol)
  • Support for WiFI WPA, WPA2 Enterprise security protocol
  • Remote meter access via
  • Dual Ethernet RJ45 port with individual network configuration
  • Dual Ethernet ports and WiFi work simultaneously with different networks and data acquisition systems
  • COMtrade format for waveform capture
  • 8GB onboard memory with Up to 50ms logging interval capabilities
  • Industry-leading 100ms and 40ms response rate via Modbus-TCP/IP protocol
  • Secure HTTPS data encryption to cloud server
  • SSL encrypted webserver plus TLS 1.2 compliance for industry-leading cybersecurity standard
  • Metering data backup log to avoid data loss during network downtime
  • Support industrial, utility and substation protocols IEC 61850, DNP 3.0 V2, Modbus-TCP/IP, SNMP, HTTP/HTTPs Post, FTP & SNTP
  • Built-in sFTP server for data-log storage and retrieval.
  • Web accessible graphical display of historical data trends for all parameters for analysis
  • WiFi supports Access Point mode and Station mode for both direct connection/configuration and public WiFi network connection

AXM-WEB2 WIFI + Ethernet Module

Connect Acuvim II Series power and energy meter to the AXM-WEB2 module for WiFi and dual Ethernet capabilities.

Add AXM-WEB2 to Acuvim II Power Meter

AXM-WEB2 module expands Acuvim II energy meters with WiFi and Ethernet communication options. Supports Modbus-TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTPS Post, SNTP protocols and more.

Transmit Fast Encrypted Energy Data to Server
Protect sensitive data communication with secure HTTPS data encryption. Allow only authorized access to owners and managers. Acuvim II can be connected to any facilities’ WiFi network with enterprise-grade authentication.
Cross-Platform Support For Various Devices

Access your Acuvim II power meter anywhere at AXM-WEB2 allow users to access Acuvim II’s web panel remotely without the need for IP and port forwarding or open up firewall with new remote access feature.

Monitor real-time metering data anytime, anywhere with web-accessible devices such as laptop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Data Logger Storage Calculator

Data Logger

The AXM-WEB2 platform features an industry-leading 8GB of non-volatile memory for logging energy & power quality data. Metered data is captured up to every 50ms while instantaneous, maximum, minimum, and average consumption are logged for each interval. Does it have enough memory to outlast your project? Try our helpful Data Logger Storage Calculator to find out.

Technical Support

Technical Support

The Accuenergy team is always available for professional and friendly support. Trust us to assist that your project is on schedule and never compromised.

AXM-WEB2 Web Interface

Acuvim II - Fiber Optics LC Web Interface
Acuvim II - Fiber Optics LC Web Interface
Acuvim II - Fiber Optics LC Web Interface
Acuvim II - Fiber Optics LC Web Interface
Acuvim II - Fiber Optics LC Web Interface

Access Data Anytime, Anywhere in the World

Remote Access
Take a deep dive into energy data anywhere, anytime. Access the web interface with web browser to view and configure your metering device. No software needed.
Trend Log
Monitor real-time data in tabular or via trend graph. Choose between different energy parameters and time periods for analysis and troubleshooting.
Harmonics Detection
Uncover power quality for voltage and current waveforms. The harmonics view includes vital insight for each phase angle every 15 seconds.
Alarm Notifications
Never get caught off-guard again. Configure up to 16 over/under alarms directly from the web interface. View all current and historical alarms indicating its timestamp, ID number, parameter, value and status.

Two-Tier User Control

Administration Level Management Robust administrative settings that give you full control over how the application will be implemented within your project.
  1. Manage metering settings for voltage wiring, current wiring, real-time reading options and more.
  2. Configure communication for network, E-mail, SNTP, HTTP/HTTPS/FTP Post
  3. Reset data collection
  4. Get the latest firmware upgrades
User Level Monitoring

Easy accessible real-time data for energy managers to monitor and determine power and energy integrity across your project application without compromising unauthorized security.