Accuenergy Launches Acuvim 3 Series Power Quality Meter, IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Compliance

Toronto, ON, May 8 2024 - Accuenergy Inc., a global leader in power and energy measurement instruments, announces the release of its new Acuvim 3 Series advanced power quality meter compliant to IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard and third-party certified by NMi. The meter includes an optional 7-inch colour HMI touchscreen display screen for installations to a DIN rail or panel mount.

Power quality has become pivotal in modern critical infrastructure and the digital world, where service downtime have real operational and financial risk. The Acuvim 3 meter reliably monitors critical power systems to detect faults and analyzes grid stability. Large power deviations can be catastrophic to electrical equipment and can affect the accuracy of medical diagnostic instruments, performance of electric motors, and IT server hardware.

The Acuvim 3 is designed to exceed IEC 61000-4-30 Class A specifications for precise measurements of harmonics, flicker, frequency, phase angle, interruptions, and transients. It allows energy managers to detect disruptions based on threshold and hysteresis event triggers.

For revenue grade metering, the Acuvim 3 offers ANSI C12.20 Class 0.1, IEC 62053-22 Class 0.1S and IEC 61557-12 Class 0.1 accuracy, making it ideal for measurement and verification applications. The Acuvim 3 meter is also Measurement Canada approved.

The Acuvim 3 meter's phasor measurement unit is used with modern power grid systems to provide precise time synchronized measurement to monitor stability and detect faults. The release of the Acuvim 3 series has marked a milestone for its engagement in the high-precision power quality monitoring market.

“We are excited to offer a leading power quality meter crucial for monitoring the health of power systems,” says Howard Wang, President at Accuenergy. “Critical infrastructure forms the foundation of our society. It relies on sensitive electronics that must operate within acceptable power limits. The Acuvim 3's compliance to the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A ensures it meets operational standard for precision, reliability, and seamless integration.

The Acuvim 3 Series is also built to allow convenient and secure access from the HMI display screen, webpage interface, or remote access. It supports over multiple Ethernet and serial communication protocols for interoperability between different environments. Optional I/O modules and alarm notifications are part of the comprehension power quality meter.

Acuvim 3 advanced power quality meter features includes:

  • IEC 61000-4-30 Class A power quality standard and third-party certified by NMi
  • IEC 61557-12 Class 0.1 accuracy compliant for voltage/current RMS
  • IEC 62053-22 Class 0.1s and ANSI C12.20 Class 0.1 accuracy for active energy
  • IEC 62053-24 Class 0.5s accuracy for reactive energy
  • Measurement Canada approved meter for use in measurement-based applications in Canada
  • 1 RS485 port, 1 USB-C port, 2 Ethernet (100Base-TX) ports, 1 IRIG-B port, 1 Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) interface
  • Multi-protocol support: Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP/IP, BACnet-IP, DNP3 TCP, IEC 61850, & SNMP, EtherNet/IP
  • Analog input/output, digital input/output, relay output
  • PMU (IEEE C37.118) for fast and precise time synchronized measurement
  • Waveform Capture detection up to 512 sample/cycle and stored in COMTRADE format
  • Fast Log capture with 1 cycle RMS time of use (TOU) with 8 tariff and up to 12 billing periods
  • Multiple dataloggers with user-selectable logging interval and parameters
  • Data post: HTTP/HTTPS, SFTP, and email SMTP
  • Built in web server accessible with browser web interface
  • Simple remote access with fixed URL upon configuration

About Accuenergy

Established in 1998, Accuenergy has been committed to the research and development of highly accurate energy metering and power quality solutions for industrial and commercial applications. Based in Toronto, Ontario, the company leverages leading edge technology to deliver innovative measurement instruments in the areas of metering, power quality, sensor measurement, control panel shop, and industrial communications solutions.

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