Electricity Transformation Canada 2023

The premiere clean energy event is around the corner. Electricity Transformation Canada puts wind energy, solar energy, and energy storage industries into the spotlight. Beginning on October 23 to 25, the event will be hosted in Calgary, Alberta at the BMO Center. Accuenergy will be at booth 224.

Attendees will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with energy professionals from across Canada. With over 100 exhibitors, there will be a chance to gain industry insight on new technologies and policies across on a global scale.

There will also have conferences with a wide range of interesting topics including electric vehicles impact on the gird, offshore wind power generation, energy pumped storage, and much more. Learn how Canada is advancing their strategic clean energy plan and fast-tracking the transition into a more sustainable energy system.

Accuenergy plays an important role in designing and manufacturing power meters, sensors and industrial communication devices used in clean energy applications. Our products are specially designed for revenue grade metering applications to monitor voltage, current, power factor, power quality readings. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for quality control.

Our featured products include:

  • Multi-circuit submeters, power quality meters, energy meters
  • Custom UL 508a panel shop builds
  • High precision AC current transformers and DC Hall effect sensors
  • DAQ server and gateway; mesh communications
  • Cloud-based energy management solution
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