Data Center Metering Case Study

Panevo Uses Powerful Submetering to Cut Energy Consumption

Panevo Case Study

Data Center Cuts Costs with Powerful Submetering & Advanced Analytics

Caught between extreme energy usage and rising electricity prices, data centers need a comprehensive strategy to improve efficiency that goes beyond the average commercial property. From tracking tenant consumption to identifying mismanaged building systems, learn how Panevo was able to deploy targeted submetering and powerful analytics to shine a light on detailed consumption patterns and net impressive energy savings.

What’s Inside

  • Tracking down tenant charges to capture lost revenue
  • Identifying system configuration issues to cut consumption
  • Automating complex processes to save time and money
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Permanent metering is not only good for spot studies of energy savings, but with the data you can actually plan out your expansions as well. Without metering, this is otherwise impossible

- Stephen Choi, EIT Project Engineer & CEM, Panevo