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Accuenergy Adds Measurement Canada Approved Current Transformer Converters

Toronto, ON, Jul 19 2023 – Accuenergy is proud to announce the AcuCT C has been issued Measurement Canada approval (Reference No. AE-2615) for device model – Instrument Transformer: Current by the Minister of Industry.

Accuenergy adds to an already impressive line of products covering a wide class of high accuracy current transformers and now introduces an accessory CT converter. The AcuCT C is specially designed for the Canadian meter market where it requires Measurement Canada approval for rated systems with a mA current transformer with ratios up to 400 to 80mA and 800A to 100mA.

The AcuCT C is used in conjunction with a current transformer with a 5A primary current output and is intended to be used for revenue grade metering applications. Rated outputs 80mA and 100mA are options offered, it complies with the IEEE Std C57.13-2016 0.15 accuracy class.

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